Classroom Procedures

These are the same procedures you received at the beginning of the year.

Class Procedures

                         Ms. Lauren Henderson    4th grade    2009-2010

Welcome to Our Classroom!

Class Website: I believe in providing excellent communication to parents and students in my class. You will find my classroom website filled with information for parents and children. You will find announcements, a calendar of events, helpful websites to reinforce our grade level skills, Mastery Club challenges, our schedule, and much more! Be sure to bookmark our site or add it to your favorites list for quick access.Contacting Ms. Henderson: I check my email all throughout the day and evening. This is a great way to get instant feedback to your questions and comments, and I encourage you to contact me this way. My email address is and I also receive my school email at home, so feel free to send me a note even after school hours. Our school phone is 376-9111.**Please note that I cannot accept change of destination notes via email.

Due Dates for Classroom Assignments: Classroom assignments are generally due the next school day after they are assigned. Class time is always given to complete assignments. Students will need to finish an assignment at home if it is not completed during the work time given during class.Thursday Folders: Completed assignments from the week will come home to parents every Thursday in a "Thursday Folder." Students need to finish any incomplete work and correct assignments that have received scores below 80% as soon as possible. The grade will be raised 10 points or to a 75%, whichever is better for the students. There will be a signature sheet stapled to the folder. Please sign and date this sheet each Thursday, and return on Friday with your child.Progress Reports: Progress reports are sent every mid-9 weeks to keep parents and students aware of schoolwork and progress. Please sign the progress report so I know you have seen it and have your child return it in the folder the next school day.Absences: When your child is absent, he or she is responsible for making up the work. Students will have a paper-clipped group of papers on their desk when they return. I also have an absentee notebook, in which I will write each day’s assignments. Students can look at this when he or she returns to school for missed assignments. Your child will have the number of days they missed, plus one to make up the work. For example, if a student misses 2 days of school, he or she would have 3 days after they returned to school to make up the work. Much of our classroom activities cannot be done at home (group work, experiments, in-class activities, etc.) so regular attendance is encouraged.Grading: Grade Scale:           A=93-100        B=85-92        C=75-84         D=70-74           F=0-69

Remember, any grade below 80 can be corrected and turned back in for a grade change. The score will be changed to either a 75% or it will be raised 10 points for successful completion. Discipline: Students are expected to follow our classroom rules, no matter where they are in the building. Class rules, consequences, and rewards are found on my website.Classroom Helpers: We will have 6-8 classroom helpers throughout the year. Some of the jobs that your child might have include: erasing the board every afternoon, hall monitor, bathroom monitor (one for each restroom), or pencil sharpener. The helpers will rotate every 9 weeks in order for all classmates to have a job at least twice during the school year. I consider this a privilege, which will be taken away if behavior problems arise.Mastery Club Challenges: I believe students should be challenged to learn as many new things as they can. Saying "I’m bored" is not going to happen in my classroom! Students may become members of my classroom Mastery Club. Students who achieve 20 accomplishments or more become members of the "Hall of fame" and will have their name added to the Hall of Fame wall and to our website (forever!). These challenge activities may be done at home or at school. These will be posted in the classroom and on the class website all year.Illness: If your child is running a fever or throwing up, please do not send them to school. If they are running a fever at school or they get sick, parent/guardian will be called immediately.Conferences: Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year: October 6 and October 8 from 3:30-6:30 and again on February 19 and 23 from 3:30-6:30. Notes will be sent home for you to sign up for a time, closer to those dates.School supplies: Please make sure supplies are replenished throughout the year. A list of supplies can be found on my class website.Our Daily Schedule:

7:30 School opens and students begin morning work

3:00 Dismissal

I look forward to teaching your child this year! *Ms. Henderson*